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2002-2004 Studied at the Delaware College of Art and Design, DE

2004-2006 Studied at Pratt Institute, NY

Ashley S. Benson aka AsherBee is an illustrator/vector artist originally from Wilmington, DE. She currently works Full-time as a Product Designer for Just Play LLC.   She has worked as a Freelance Artist for companies such as Just Play Inc., Mattel, Inc.,  and Hasbro Asher’s artwork was featured in Adobe’s Master Class: Illustrator- Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists book published December of 2012. Her whole world revolves around color and its application of it line segment by line segment. When she’s not elbow deep in vectors, she enjoys gaming, immersing herself in geek culture, volunteering for her local comic conventions, sketching out the next personal vector project, and traveling to the four corners of the universe, just as long as said universe has WiFi.




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