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What are Rudicorns?

Rudicorns are NOT your usual mythical creatures.

They started as just another unicorn project, full of glitter and kindness. The longer we looked at the sketch, the more we started to question...'Are all Unicorns Nice?!' We couldn't fathom, that something so pretty would be required to say blissfully sweet words all day, everyday. We can all agree, everyone has their moments.

Then it hit us! Why not make them slightly rude? We can't say they're mean 24/7, but we can at least admit, "they're pretty awful".

The Rude Collection

GDG Avatar-01.jpg

All Rights Reserved. Artwork, copyright, and trademark are all owned by Ashley S. Benson

Sounds Like a Personal Problem Rudicorn-
Maybe Use Your Noodle Next Time Rudicorn
Dead to Me Rudicorn-01
Not Very Bright Are You Rudicorn-01
You Suck Rudicorn-01
Dull Rudicorn Watermark-01
NOOB Rudicorn-01
Salty Rudicorn
Don't Understand Rudicorn final 150-01
Zebra Rudicorn Final-01
Bite Me Rudicorn Final-01
Rudicorn: Dying
Rudicorn: Team Mean
Rudicorn: Frenemy
Rudicorn: Lameness
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